Valbona Valley

Valbona Valley is situated in the center of Albanian Alps in the Tropoja district and is a state protected National Park. It covers a surface of 8000 hectares and offers a variety of opportunities for tourism, fishing, mountaineering and trekking. The road infrastructure has improved very fast during the last years and has helped in increasing the number of visitors and tourists. Nowadays, Valbona Valley has become one of the top of preferred touristic destinations for Albanian and foreign tourists.

Thethi Valley

Thethi Region is the heart of the Albanian Alps, at a distance of 70 km from the city of Shkodra. Because of its climate and biodiversity, Thethi is declared a National Park. The National Park covers an area of 2630 hectares and is located at a height of 600-2570 meters above sea level. In Thethi, numerous outdoor activities can be organized, such as hiking, speleology (cave tourism), mountain sports fishing, winter sports on natural slopes covered with snow, mountain biking, etc.