Drin River

The Drin originates near the town of Kukës, in the northeast of Albania, at the confluence of the rivers Black Drin and White Drin. It then flows west for about 335 km (208 mi) passing through the Albanian Alps and Fierzë then upon reaching the Dukagjini highlands, flowing then to the south through Apripë e Gurit, Toplanë, Dushman, Koman, Vjerdhë Mazrrek, Rragam, and Pale Lalej. At Vau i Dejës, it enters the low Shkodër Field and splits into two arms.

Osum River

The Osum is a river in southern Albania, one of the source rivers of the Seman. Its source is in the southwestern part of the Korçë County, near the village Vithkuq at an altitude of 1,050 metres (3,440 ft). It flows initially south to the Kolonjë municipality, then west to Çepan, and northwest through Çorovodë where it flows through the famous Osum Canyon, Poliçan, Berat and Urë Vajgurore. It joins the Devoll near Kuçovë, to form the Seman. The discharge of the river is reported to vary between 5.11 m3 (180 cu ft)/s and 74.11 m3 (2,617 cu ft)/s.

Shkumbin River

Shkumbin is a river in central Albania, flowing into the Adriatic Sea. It is considered the dividing line for the two dialects of the Albanian language: Tosk (to the south) and Gheg (to the north).
On various historical periods the river was considered the northernmost natural boundary of the geographic region of Epirus. while during the 5th-6th centuries Shkumbin was the cultural border between the Illyrian and the Greek world.
The river is 181 km (112 mi) long. The sources of the Shkumbin river are in the Valamara mountains southwest of Lake Ohrid, near the village Llëngë in the Korçë County.

Vjosa River

The Vjosa River in Albania is one of Europe’s last living wild rivers. Along its entire course of over 270 kilometers it is untamed and free flowing and characterized by beautiful canyons, braided river sections, islands, oxbows and meandering stretches. In some areas the riverbed expands over more than 2 km in width. However, what makes this river really outstanding internationally is the fact, that almost all its tributaries are free-flowing and intact as well, creating a living rivers network that is without par in Europe.