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Check IN Tirana

Check IN Tirana


We meet and greet at Mother Teresa Airport Tirana, and we’ll transfer to the Hotel.

By the time you settled down, we’ll start our trip at the Scanderbeg’s Square. There we’ll be visiting the National Historical Museum that holds most of the country’s archeological treasures, the excellent collection is almost entirely signed in English and takes you chronologically from ancient Illyria to the postcommunist era; the Et’hem Bej Mosque, The Clock Tower, The Palace of Culture, The National Library and we’ll explore The New Bazaar, one of the oldest residential neighborhood in the city.

Our journey continues at The Tanner’s Bridge an 18th-century Ottoman period stone footbridge built near the Tanners’ Mosque. Then we’ll take a walk along the ‘Murat Toptani’ promenade and visit the newly renovated ‘Castle of Tirana’ and the National Gallery of Arts, in front of which stands a modern art installation called ‘The Cloud’.

The trip continues along the Martyrs of the Nation Boulevard and past the Pyramid, the Peace Bell, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Checkpoint (Postbllok-The Memorial to Communist Isolation).

After fulfilling our minds and spirits, it’s time to satisfy our appetite in one of the Blloku Area Restaurants, after taking a look at the Enver Hoxha’s Former Residence.

The boulevard ends at Mother Teresa Square, hosting some more Italian architecture, as well as the Palace of the President, the Palace of Congresses, the Archeological Museum and Arts Academy.

Next is the intriguing museum ‘House of Leaves’, which is considered to be the equivalent of the Stasi headquarters of the Former East Germany and in front of it we have the Orthodox Cathedral.

We will continue to dive in Tirana’s history and top-secret nuclear bunker where we can show to the visitors how Communist-era police persecuted the regime’s opponents at Bunk Art 2.

On request of the group, and based on the free time that will remain, we will head to the Grand Park of Tirana.

Then at midday we’ll enjoy an amazing view of Tirana from the Dajti Mountain, through a ride with Dajti Ekspress. The Austrian-built cable car provides a breath-taking 15-minute journey towards the top of Dajti Mountain, with views of forests, farmland, villages and bunkers.

By evening we’ll be returning to the Hotel and enjoy dinner.

The end of our service.

Other interesting points to visit in Tirana:

Bunk Art 1
This fantastic conversion – from a massive Cold War bunker on the outskirts of Tirana into a history and contemporary art museum – is Albania’s most exciting new sight and easily a Tirana highlight. With almost 3000 sq metres of space underground spread over several floors, the bunker was built for Albania’s political elite in the 1970s and remained a secret for much of its existence.

Petrela Castle
This dramatically set 15th-century hilltop castle, just a short distance outside Tirana, is worth a trip if you’re not visiting one of the other better-known castles in Albania, such as those in Berat, Shkodra or Gjirokastra. A short hike up an easy pathway looping around the hillside gets you into the castle, which nowadays houses a fairly run-of-the-mill restaurant.

Pëllumbas Cave
The drive from Tirana to the village of Pellumbas takes about 45 minutes. Then you walk 2 km up the trail that leads to “Shpella e Zeze” or “The Black Cave of Pellumbas”. The view from the trail is spectacular, with the mountainside dropping down into the canyon of Erzen River.

Tirana is only 45 minutes away from the beautiful city of Durrës and 60 minutes away from the center of resistance to the Ottoman invaders, Kruja.

PS: For more Information’s on paths for hiking or biking, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are “Check IN Albania” and we travel your emotions around Tirana 😊




*Airport transportation *Entries in the museums
*Roundtrip transportation *Cable car tickets
*The guide *Everything that’s not mentioned above
*The Hotel (Breakfast + Dinner) *Lunch at the restaurants
NOTE: What you’ll need to take with you – a comfortable outfit, snickers, a backpack, a bottle of water, chocolate or dry fruits.



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