Biking to South

Biking to South

DAY 1: We will meet at Nene Tereza Airport and then head to the Hotel in Tirana. After the check-in in the Hotel, depending on the timetable of the flights, we will make a tour of Tirana and visit the most historic and artistic points in the city. Then, before gathering all up in the Greeting Dinner, the guides will show you all the details of the itinerary and what you need to know about it.

DAY 2: Tirane – Pogradec

Morning at the hotel then we will make a journey of 2 hours by bus in the north side of Ohrid Lake. When we arrive in Qafe Thane, after taking and adjusting all the bicycles, we will start cycling along the amazing shore of the Ohrid Lake and then head to Pogradec. After arriving in a Hotel in Tushemisht (a village 4 km far from Pogradec) lunch will be served in a restaurant where we can enjoy the traditional food of the place. When finishing the meal, we will continue our cycling towards Macedonia to visit the St.Naum Monastery. With serene surroundings, picturesque scenery and religious history, the Monastery of St. Naum sets the prevailing archetype that runs through the entire country of Macedonia – this is truly a land where wonders of nature blend perfectly with some of the most captivating monuments of religion.

Ohrid Lake is considered to be the oldest lake in the whole wide world, around 2 – 5 million years old. It’s one of the biggest lakes in the Balkan Peninsula and it’s located 695 m above sea level and its surface is 349 km.

Distance 40 km – medium Speed 21 km/h – Climbing heights 179m – Cycling time 2h 15m

DAY 3: Pogradec – Korce

Leaving behind the Ohrid Lake, we climb a high plateau surrounded by mountains. We continue to follow the gorge, passing through the hills until we arrive in a big wide field. Depending on the time that we arrive in the city, next we will visit the Old Bazaar and its narrow cobblestone streets. The day ends with a short tour of Korca, also called the little Paris of Albania.

Korca it’s the biggest administrative center located in the southeast part of Albania, founded in the 15th Century. Although the civilized life started in the late middle age, the land was lived centuries ago. Korca is one of the most important cultural and economic cities in Albania. The native city of music and beautiful nature with its lakes, mountains and national parks.

Distance 51 km – medium Speed 18 km/h – Climbing heights 429m – Cycling time 3h 15m

DAY 4: Korce – Sotire

We will leave behind the plateau of Korca and continue climbing until we pass through the heart of Gramozi mountains and the Barmash overpass, 1.159m high. We will stop for lunch in the city of Erseka, the highest city in Albania, around 1000m above sea level. Then we will pass the night in the Sotira Farm, located in a quite valley filled with all kinds of animals that a familiar Farm can keep. After the check-in in the little houses, we will take a break near the fish-growing tanks with a glass of wine, made from the grapes cultivated on 1000m height.

Distance 72 km – medium Speed 15 km/h – Climbing heights 1170m – Cycling time 4h 30m

DAY 5: Sotire – Benje – Permet

We will climb from the plateau of Sotira surrounded with very high Pines, before arriving at the source of Vjosa river and going through its gorge down to Leskovik.

The road down to Carshova is a very pleasant one and full of emotions, its nearly 17 km. Then we will follow the road on the river till we arrive in Permet, a city known for its traditional food and the strong authentic drink ‘Raki’. After arriving in our guesthouse for lunch, in the village of Benje, we will continue cycling for other 4km in the Thermal Baths of Langarica river and its canyon. An ancient bridge marks the end of the road. If you wish, you can swim in one of the isolated ponds or climb one of the most magnificent canyons in Europe.

Distance 66 km – medium Speed 17 km/h – Climbing heights 661m – Cycling time 4h 00m

DAY 6: Permet – Gjirokaster

The journey continues along the valley of Kelcyra. Kelcyra it’s a city that extends along the Trebeshina and Nemercke mountains and Vjosa and Deshnice rivers. After that it will appear to us the plateau of Gjirokastra, a ‘museum city’, maybe the most beautiful in Albania. After the check-in in the Hotel we will keep on exploring the cobblestone streets between the white buildings and traditional house architectures of Skenduli or Zekateve or the house of the ex-dictator, Enver Hoxha. Last but not least, we will visit the Gjirokastra Castle, with a very interesting and mysterious story, where you can enjoy an amazing view of the city.

Distance 70 km – medium Speed 24 km/h – Climbing heights 427m – Cycling time 3h 15m

DAY 7: Gjirokaster – Sarande

We will begin our day with a short ride by car and then continue our cycling up to Muzina Hill and head to Saranda. The Southgate of Albania in the Ionian coast, it’s found between the high mountains and the sea. A short trip on a ferry will take us in Butrint, a world heritage of UNESCO, one of the most important archeological treasures of the city. After a guide in Butrint, we will continue our journey along the shore, where the Korfu island will keep us company.

Butrinti, or known with its ancient name Buthrotum, extends in the southwest part of Albania. It is thought that, it was lived since the 8th Century BC. from the merchants of Korfu. The city of Butrint is big and complex, with ruins from different periods of time.

Distance 70 km – medium Speed 17 km/h – Climbing heights 525m – Cycling time 4h 15m

DAY 8: Sarande – Himare

The trip will head us to Himara, a mountainous area which is characterized from mountains and hills that finish right in to the crystal waters of the sea. The journey will continue through the amazing landscape of the mountains and head to the sea, before going down the long seashore where we can enjoy the turquoise waters of the Albanian riviera.

Along the path that we will follow, we will visit even the Castle of Ali Pashe Tepelena, a venetian building, declared by mistake as his construction in the XIX Century.

Distance 52 km – medium Speed 18 km/h – Climbing heights 1064m – Cycling time 3h 30m

DAY 9: Himare – Vlore

The next trip it’s not only a challenging one but also amazing. We will gradually go up to 1000m above sea level and through woods, gorges and softs curves. After the lunch in our beautiful national Park of Llogara, we will head to Vlora to relax in the Ionian coast.

Vlora is also called “the Flag City”, “the City with two seas” or “the South port of the Adriatic”, it’s considered to be the pearl of the Albanian tourism, with its shores:  Karaburun, Sazani, Narta Lagoon etc.

Distance 64 km – medium Speed 16 km/h – Climbing heights 1592m – Cycling time 4h 30m

DAY 10: The day of departure

Depending on the timetable of your flight, after breakfast we will travel for 2 hours and a half to the Rinas Airport in Tirana. A special trip will be offered to the ones that will stay another night in Tirana or that will continue with their adventure in the Land of Eagles. We will stop by amazing places that prove the warm hospitality of the Albanians and the great traditional food that our country has to offer.



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