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About Us

Hi! We are check in Albania:)
We travel emotions 😄

Check in Albania is the leading tour operator in Albania. Our experienced team provides tourists with everything they need to enjoy the stay in the Land of Eagles.

We have the right know-how to serve our clients, and the commitment to deliver an amazing customer service and experience.
If you want to enjoy the best of Albania, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you.

Check in Albania is the leading tour operator in Albania


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“Do you want to visit Albania but don’t know whom to turn to? Check in Albania was all I needed to plan my stay in the Land of Eagles. Their staff is absolutely amazing; they know everything about Albania and what makes for an amazing customer experience. Can’t recommend them enough!”

Frankie Castle

“Albania has always fascinated me, and I wanted to visit this country as soon as possible. Check in Albania made everything easier for me; their knowledge and expertise is what makes them stand out. Guess who I will contact next time I visit Albania? Yeah, you guessed it right: Check in Albania.”

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“I had been planning on visiting Albania for a long time, but I wasn’t sure whom to contact for my trip. Check in Albania was the answer to all my questions. The people who work there were incredibly helpful. Now I know whom to turn to for my next visit in Albania”

Sarah Brown

See how we’ve helped people like you save money and plan trips to Albania “Check in Albania is the right choice if you’re planning on visiting Albania. The staff was super friendly. Everything went as predicted. Plus, they were funny as hell. I can’t recommend them enough”

Laura Rossi